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SAMPLE LETTER OF INSTRUCTION Month/day/year Estate executor Street Address ETRADE Securities LLC P O Box 9206 Boston MA 02205-9206 Attn OptionsLink Customer Service As the executor of the estate of John Doe who died on month/day/year please consider this the Letter of Instruction for account number XXXXXXXX. Enclosed please find the following required documents 1. Certified Letters Testamentary or notarized Small Estate Affidavit and certified Death Certificate 2. Notarized Affidavit if...
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. Certified Death Certificate 3. Affidavit of the Executor to accept service of process, 4. Copy or electronic image of the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, a 6-page document that lists the minor in question and the beneficiaries, 5. Copy or electronic image of the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, a 7-page document that lists the deceased minor, the deceased minor's executor and/or the minor's legal guardian or a 6-page document that lists the deceased minor, the deceased minor's executor and/or the minor's legal guardian AND any other supporting documents, including 5. Certification of Service Upon Minors 7. Notarized proof of death 8. A copy of your personal identification (a social security card, driver's license, national ID card, or military ID card) 10. A copy of the death certificate for the minor (in case of death by natural causes) or an official transcript for the death certificate, OR 11. A statement in bold type stating that all information submitted is true and correct as of the day you submitted the letter (and proof of death) to the options link. 12. An identification document containing the following information regarding the minor: (a) date of birth; (b) sex, including any changes in gender; (c) marital status; and (d) parents' names or other persons listed on the minor's birth certificate. If the executor wishes to send additional additional documentation, the execution service charge for additional forms MUST include all additional documents. Please contact us for more information. Please follow the instructions supplied with each document for completion. We will notify the customer of your receipt of the Letter of Instruction as soon as possible, but within a few days following receipt of the paperwork. You will receive instructions regarding how to send copies of all necessary documentation; contact the customer Service Department of ETRADE Securities (1-888-923-0935) if it is not already completed. If not, ETRADE Securities will send your materials to optionslink@ebancouncil.com. We will forward this copy of the signed Letter of Instruction or the completed and signed Letter of Instruction via email to the options link account. After the execution service charge has been submitted, we will process the options through the options link account and send e-message confirmation to you within 10 days thereafter. When the execution service charge has been finalized, the options link account will receive a response via email with the link to complete the transactions. ETR
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What is letter of instruction?
A letter of instruction, sometimes called a letter of intent, provides specific information regarding personal preferences in medical or funeral care, as well as details concerning dispersion or care of personal assets that legal documents may not be able to outline.
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